about us

This is Monica - she is head of our team of female weavers and the mother of our friend and parner Lalo, who we also happened to name the company after :)

Lalo is proud to be a sustainable, fairtrade company that honours the traditional weaving methods of Oaxaca. Our mission is to provide a support system within the Oaxacan weaving community - to pay our female creatives a fair wage, whilst preserving their artisanal trade. The artisans set the pricing for all of their work based on labor time and cost of material.

Founded by myself (Honey) and my partner Jack, after falling in love with the woven bags on a previous trip to Mexico - we soon decided that we wanted to make our own designs available internationally. 

We feel extremely lucky to be able to work with these ladies, and to be able to connect their expertise with ours in order to globally promote these unique artisanal styles. Designed by us in London, and created in Oaxaca - Lalo bags are made of recycled PET plastic and come in the most mouth watering array of colours.

Due to the nature of the material used and the fact that they are hand-woven, irregularities and inconsistencies are to be expected - making each bag a one-off piece with it's own character.

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